The Baksan gorge is one of the longest in the Caucasus. It is very picturesque, and at its end rise the mountains of Elbrus and Cheget. There are excellent conditions for skiing in winter. Summer trekking routes through mountain valleys are also suitable for any level of physical fitness.

The Baksan gorge begins near the town of Baksan and then goes through the village of Zayukovo for 100 kilometers to the Azau Glade, where the lower station of the cable car to Elbrus is located. There are several hotels and cafes in Azau, but most of them are located in the village of Terskol (3 km down). There are many large hotels of different levels.

The road along the Baksan gorge is very picturesque, but it is not used for trekking, since the gorge itself is very wide and the distances are very long. The Baksan river flows through it. It is best to view the gorge from the slopes of the Cheget or Elbrus mountains. A particularly beautiful view of the gorge opens from Cheget. In the area of the village of Terskol on the slope of Elbrus, at an altitude of 3150m, there is an astronomical neutrino Observatory Terskol Peak.

In the area of the village of Baksan, the small Adyr-su gorge departs from the Baksan gorge. You can walk along the riverbed to the Ullu-Tau Alpine Camp. The distance of the route is 10 km, which goes between the picturesque rocks.