The Mueller`s height is at the 32nd kilometer of the Curonian Spit. A tourist route was laid leading onto its summit. It will help you to climb one of the highest dunes on the Curonian Spit and admire the surrounding views. The route is called «Island».

In 19 century the Mueller`s height was known as the Dune Bruchberg (now the Bolotnaya Dune). In ancient times, the island of glacial origin Rasite was on this place. At that time there was no spit. Dune Bruchberg was shifting, and there was a real threat that it would bury the village of Rossitten (now Rybachy). The Orekhovaya dune (also known as Efa Dune) threatened to do the same with the village of Morskoye.

The chief forester of Königsberg, Ludwig Muller, had studied the structure of the dune for a long time. In 1875 he obtained public funding for the costly works, which completely stopped the movement of the Dune Bruchberg.

The route to the Mueller`s height begins near the main highway of the Curonian Spit. A stair goes up the slope of the three-headed Bolotnaya dune. Century-old fir trees are at the foot of the dune and on its slope. Mountain pines are above them. These are the same trees that were planted there by forester Muller and made it possible to stop the movement of the dune. 

An observation deck was built at the top of the Mueller`s height. It is at an altitude of 44 meters above sea level. You can have very beautiful views of the surrounding woods, Chaika Lake, and the Baltic Sea. The Dancing Forest is right next to the Mueller`s height. It is the most mysterious place on the Curonian Spit. A memorial granite stone with the inscription «Muller`s height, 1882» is near the observation deck.