The tourist route «Swan Lake» is at the 47th kilometer of the Curonian Spit, 2 kilometers from the border with Lithuania. At the beginning the route runs along the pine forest, but then it gives on to the Buda Deer Dune. 

Swan Lake is in a basin at the foot of the Deer Buda Dune. The size of the lake is 270 by 120 meters. The shores of the lake are overgrown with alders, and the lake itself is inhabited by beautiful white swans, hence its name.

The route «Swan Lake» is the longest one. It stretches for 3 kilometers. It begins at the highway, and all the time you have to climb the slope of the Sypuchaya Dune to the upper ridge of the Deer Buda Dune. You have to go on loose sand, which is not easy. So, you should wear comfortable shoes. 

At the highest point of the Deer Buda Dune an observation tower is installed. From there you will have a very beautiful view of the Swan Lake, the Great Dune Range, the Kaspalga Cape, and the Curonian Lagoon. It is forbidden to go away from the trail let alone go down to the lake along the slope of the dune. In 2016 this route was closed for reconstruction due to the destruction of the grass cover.