The route «Royal Forest» is at the 6th kilometer of the Curonian Spit, not far from Zelenogradsk. In that place there was no threat from the sand dunes, and the woods were not cut down there. Therefore, there remained mighty ancient trees, including giant thujas.

In the Middle Ages, due to its special microclimate there were many wild deers and elks on the spit. Beginning from 15 century the Curonian Spit was a favorite hunting ground of Prussian kings who lived nearby in Königsberg.  In 17 century the Grenz forestry (the oldest one in Prussia) was founded in Krantz (now Zelenogradsk). It covered the lands from Krantz properly to the village of Lesnoy. It was intended to maintain forest lands for royal hunting.

Pines, spruces and birches are the main trees of the Royal Forest. There also remained giant thujas planted over a hundred years ago. This part of the Curonian Spit has marshy soil, so the cutting leading into the Royal Forest was called the «Rotten Bridge». 

The length of the route «Royal Forest» is 2.9 kilometers. It goes to the shore of the Curonian Lagoon and runs more than a hundred meters along the shore. There you can see the reed and cane backwaters of the freshwater lagoon.