Old Town Square is the main square of the Old Town, a must-to-visit place of Prague. For several centuries beautiful buildings were erected in the square so now one can see there the buildings of nearly all architectural styles: Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque and Rococo. 

The early records of the main market place of the city date back to 13 century. It was crossed by important trade routes of the Middle Ages. However, the Old Town Square was not only a market place. It was also the place of festivities and processions as well as executions. 

The Church of Mother of God before Týn also known as the Týnski Temple is a dominant feature of the Old Town Square. It acquired its today appearance after the reconstruction of 1350. Originally, the temple belonged to the Hussite Church and since 1621 it was successively owned by the Jesuits and the Roman Catholic Church. It faces the front sides of the buildings of the early Middle Ages.

The Týnski Temple is opposite the Old Town Hall. The horologe (astronomical clock) is the most famous feature of the Town Hall, which was installed in 1410. A great number of tourists come to see the moving figures, which are set in motion on the stroke of every hour by a complex mechanism. One should ascend the Old Town Hall Tower to have a beautiful view of Prague.

St. Nicholas Church is another important tourist attraction of the Old Town Square. It belongs to the Czech Hussite Church. This large baroque church was built in 18 century.  It has a beautiful crown-shaped chandelier, a gift of the Russian Emperor Alexander II. The monument of Jan Hus, a national hero of Czechia, is also in the Old Town Square.