For several years Pattaya has grown from a small fishing village into the largest tourist center in Thailand. Within a small territory there are dozens of hotels, different clubs, restaurants, as well as all other resort entertainments. Pattaya is two-hour trip from Bangkok, which is quite suitable for vacationers who don’t like long transfers.

There are many contradictory opinions about Pattaya. Many tourists have rather negative impressions of the city. As a rule, they are the tourists who buying a travel package to Thailand dream about the cleanest beaches with snow-white sand and azure water, and beautiful scenery: mountains overgrown with jungles, coco palms, as in preview trailer of chocolate bar ‘Bounty’. 

These tourists must understand that there are no such things in Pattaya, so to avoid disappoint-ments they should at once go to Krabi, Phi Phi, Samui or Phuket. At the same time, they can not find there such night entertainments as in Pattaya. So, they will have to choose.

However, if you like the wildest night entertainments, including sexual ones, night discos, meetings with nice girls or boys, then Pattaya will be the right choice. On the other hand, those who indulge in such entertainments usually do it all night and then sleep half a day, and pre-sumably can not be as demanding either to the state of the beach or the beauties of landscapes. In other words, every man to his taste.

There are a lot of deck chairs on the beaches of Pattaya, however, the water isn’t always that clean. To be sincere, you can have more or less adequate bath only in the vicinity of Jomtien Beach. In other places the water is dirty. Those who prefer beautiful beaches and clean water go to nearby islands of Larne, Samet or Sak. All day long cheap ferryboats depart from Pattaya.

Besides night clubs, in the vicinity of Pattaya there are a lot of various farms for elephants, crocodiles, and other animals. All of them are used in different performances for tourists.

Those who prefer sexual entertainments also will have a lot of good opportunities. The sim-plest and the cheapest ones are various sexual shows. However, you can go there only once for mere curiosity. And you will think whether to go there for the second time as passivity of girls who are simply working off their money is just painful.

If you don’t want to be only a seer, you should look for so called salons of «body massage». There you will first have a bath and then sexual intercourse. You can easily find this on the street and at lower prices, but there health risks will be much higher.