Archipelago Phi Phi is often called the «islands of paradise», and you must admit that the name is quite justifiable. And when in the nineties there appeared the film «Beach» with Dicaprio, these small islands became a kind of the symbol of the beautiful nature of Thailand.

Phi Phi consists of two islands – the larger one is called Phi Phi Don. In fact, it is represented by two large rock ridges separated by a narrow isthmus. The width of the neck is about 500 m, and its length is some 2 km. It is just there that all the tourists are accommodated.

The smaller island – Phi Phi Lay, is approximately half and hour boat ride from Phi Phi Don. It is absolutely uninhabited, as you just can not live there. Phi Phi Lay is a rocky formation (reaching the height of up to thousand meters) with picturesque bays. Only one of the bays has a beach, the same «lost beach» where the character of Dicaprio with his mates settled. It is called Maya Bay, and can be quite considered the most beautiful beach in the world.

Most tourists make trips to the islands of Phi Phi. Typically, the tour includes visiting Maya Bay and snorkeling around Phi Phi Lay, as well as visiting one of the beaches of Phi Phi Don, often it is Monkey Beach, and bathing on the beach of Bamboo Island. Of course, all this can give you some impression of Phi Phi, but if you are young and want to have a real fun at Phi Phi, you should reserve at least 2-3 nights.

Yes, it will be just nights as in winter time, when resorts of Ibiza and Mikonos are inactive, Phi Phi is one of the most famous centers of youth beach discos. After all excursions have departed it become quite clear that over 90% of vacationers on Phi Phi are young people under 35 (and almost no one goes there with children).

On the isthmus, at the beach-side, there are several bars where at night various performances are held, such as fire shows, and then young people can dance and relax until the morning. The style of music is first-rate euro disco.

Around the islands there are a lot of coral reefs, that’s why Phi Phi is one of the most popular diving site in the world. Even if you have never gone in for diving before, you can easily learn it and begin to submerge to the bosom of the sea.

Diving on Phi Phi. It is one of the best diving sites in the world. There are many diving spots in the immediate vicinity of Phi Phi Don and Phi Phi Lay. Bamboo Island is a small flat island, having no mountains and completely overgrown with bamboo plants. There is a very nice beach of fine coral sand going all along the coastline of the island.