Phang-Nga National Park is one of the most beautiful places in the south of Thailand. If you spend your vacations on Phuket or in Krabi, you should visit it. You can get to the Bay of Phang-Nga, including most famous «James Bond Island», only by a motor boat. You`d better join an excursion, however, if you want to see all its beauties at greater length, you can go to the town of the same name (Phang-Nga) alone and rent there a boat.

A tour bus will bring you to the landing, and then you take a big motor boat and go down to the floating village Pania. As soon as the boat will pass the mouth of the river, you can see wonderful mountain landscapes, which strongly resemble the fjords of Norway. They are fanciful limestone rocks richly overgrown with jungles.

The first stop will be just «James Bond Island». After it was the shooting site of «The Man with the Golden Gun» the Thais began to call the island after the name of its main character, James Bond. It is just there that you can see a piece of the most recognizable landscape of Thailand, namely a single cliff, which is narrow at the bottom and wide at the top.

After that you can take a ride in canoe – actually, you must do it by all means. You go aboard the canoe and a Thai take you along oddly-shaped rocks and mangrove bushes, as well as into the caves and hidden bays. There you can take snapshots of the most beautiful spots.

As a rule, you can have a dinner in Pania. This piled village was founded by the Indonesians amid the picturesque limestone rocks about forty years ago.

If you love nature and have a lot of time, you can look around Phang-Nga National Park for yourself. Taking into account the size of the bay, you should rent a motor boat for the purpose. In this case, you can not only see the most popular tourist attractions, but also visit the caves of the island Phanak or admire beautiful rocks of the island Khao-Phing-Kan and many other interest-ing things.

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James Bond Island. After the film about James Bond this small rock in the Phang-Nga Bay became a cult place
Floating village in the Panyee island. All tourist boats heading for Phang Nga make a stop there
Coastline of the Phang Nga Bay.
Canoe tour over the caves of the Panak island
Stalactites hanging down from the rocks of the Hong island.
Canoe tours over the small coves and caves of the Panak island.
James Bond rock as viewed from water.
Copse of mangrove trees in the Phang-Nga Bay.
Khao Phing Kan cave. It was just in this cave that the headquarters of the villain from the film about James Bond was located
In the bat caves of the Panak island.
Mangrove trees in the Phang-Nga Bay.
Canoe with tourists among the bays of the Panak island.
Giant roots of mangrove trees in the Phang-Nga Bay.
Among the caves of the Panak island tourists feel themselves like explorers.
Rocks with stalactites in the area of the Hong island in the Phang-Nga Bay.
Mangrove groves are everywhere in the Phang Nga Bay.
Indonesian floating village at the foot of rock in the Panyee island.
Panyee village against the background of the rocks of the Phang-Nga Bay.
Rocks of Phang Nga Bay in the area of the Panyee village.
Canoe tours over the caves of the Hong island.
Caves of the Hong island.
Coastline of the Phang-Nga Bay.
Boats and catamarans in the Phang-Nga Bay.
Monkey cave with a Buddhist temple near the Phang Nga Bay.
Monkeys are waiting for tourists already on the approaches to the temple.
Statues of Buddha inside the caves.
Large halls and grottos of the cave with a Buddhist temple.
Monkeys are everywhere in this temple.
Buddhist monk performing a ritual.
Tropical park at the Buddhist temple.