Phra Nang Caves  beach can be assuredly considered as one of the most beautiful beaches in Thailand and in the world. It is located in Krabi province on the coast of Indian ocean. The beach itself is not big, only some 500 meters wide. It has clean white sand, however, its main attraction lays in the beauty of surrounding nature.

On both sides Phra Nang is guarded by steep rock formations. The shape of these rocks, as well as vegetation covering them, is very picturesque. Between the rocks, at certain distance from the beach, there are hills with cavities and brows. They are also completely cov-ered with jungles. In front of the beach, several dozens of meters off it, there are rock islands.

There are a lot of caves both in these islands and on the beach. Stalactites that overhang the sea make the caves especially picturesque. Some of them reach the length of two tens of meters. So, as far as you can imagine it, the beauty of Phra Nang is just exceptional.

Rayavadee, one of the most luxurious hotels in Thailand, is located in the deep of the island among hills and palms. It consists only of separate bungalows. The average price of a bungalow is $600 per night. Although there are neither cars nor active night life, you may be quite sure that your vacations will resemble a heavenly idyll.

Princess Cave is in the rock on the left-side of the beach. This huge cave is also known as Tham Phra Nang Nok. The cave is flooded during the high water, but in any case it would be very interesting to explore it. It is believed that fishermen sacrifice to the goddess asking for good catch.

Railey Beach is near Phra Nang Caves. They are separated by a big rock, however, there is a small path behind it allowing to go from one beach to the other. Railey Beach has much more hotels, and they are more affordable for common people, than, say, Rayavadee. Usually there are a lot of young people, and the only disadvantage is loud music playing at open-air bars, while some hotels are very close to them.

You can not get to the beaches of Phra Nang and Railey by a car. They are screened off civilization by a range of rocky mountains. You can reach them only in a boat departing from the landing of Ao Nang. If you are going to spend you vacations at Rayavadee, then at the airport or bus station of Krabi you will be met in a limo and taken to an elegant ship. And the guests of Railey Beach hotels will have to get independently to the landing of Ao Nang located near PhraNang Inn, and from there go to Railey Beach in a simple boat.

Near the cave you will have an opportunity to go in for rock climbing. There a lot of sticks hammered into the face of the rock, and the rocks themselves are similar to climbing stands. So, if you like it, you may train with a coach or just rent appropriate equipment. By the way, Railay Beach has been considered as one of the best places for rock climbing in Thailand since the beginning of the 1990th.

If you don’t like rock climbing, a path branches off the main road to Railey Beach going to the blue lagoon and the observation point at the top of the rock. The rock is quite approachable for everyone but you should only put on convenient footwear. From the observation point you can have a magnificent view of PhraNang and Railey beaches, as well as surrounding mountains.