A wonderful place, Pushkin Hills (Pushkinskiye Gory), is 120 kilometers to the south of Pskov. One way or another everything is related to the life of a great Russian poet A. S. Pushkin there. Apart from the estates of noble families, you can also admire beautiful nature of central Russia.

The Pushkin museum reserve includes the estates Mikhaylovskoye, Trigorskoye and Petrovskoye, the Svyatogorsky Monastery, the village Bugrovo, the gorodisches Savkina Gorka and Voronich, as well as a large scientific and cultural center at the urban settlement Pushkinskiye Gory. You can not visit all these places for a day. It would be better to go there for two days and stay at a local hotel.

If you have not enough time, you should go to the Svyatogorsky Monastery, where Pushkin was buried, as well as to the estate Mikhaylovskoye, where he lived. You should also visit the estate Trigorskoye. All the rest depends on the situation. Svyatogorsky Monastery is located at the urban settlement Pushkinskiye Gory. It is a small monastery. The grave of Pushkin is on the altar side of the Assumption Cathedral. Having been to the grave of this great Russian poet you may go to Mikhaylovskoye.

You can not go right to the estate Mikhaylovskoye in a motor-car. It would be better to go to Bugrovo. There is a big parking lot at the village. A path leads from that place to Mikhaylovskoye (2 km). At Bugrovo it will be interesting to visit the museum of wooden architecture «Pushkin village». After Mikhaylovskoye you should go to Trigorskoye.

The landscapes of Trigorskoye are probably the most beautiful ones in Pushkinogorsky district. You can also have at least as wonderful views from Savkina Gorka. The estate Trigorskoye is often called «The Larins’ House». You can see Onegin`s bench, Tatyana`s alley and many other places related to the works of Pushkin at Trigorskoye. From there you can go on foot to the hillfort Voronich.

The estate Petrovskoye is opposite Mikhaylovskoye across Lake Kuchane. In 1782 the estate was inherited by Pyotr Abramovich Gannibal, a first cousin once removed of A. S. Pushkin. An interesting museum is in the manorial house. A park of huge lime trees and elms is behind the house. 

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A hill over Lake Kuchane. The house of А. S. Pushkin at Mikhaylovskoye is on the hill. 
View from Savkina Gorka hillfort to the river Sorot near the estate of Alexander Pushkin in Mikhailovskoe
A mill at the bank of Sorot river near Pushkin estate Mikhaylovskoye
The bench of Onegin on the high bank of the river at Trigorskoye
The picture «Onegin’s Bench» at Trigorskoye
View of the valley of the river Sorot from the Savkina Gorka hillfort near the estate of Alexander Pushkin in Mikhailovskoe
The mill near Savkina Gorka as viewed from the manorial house at Mikhaylovskoye
The House-Museum of A. S. Pushkin at Mikhaylovskoye
The picture «Pushkin and Pushchin at Mikhaylovskoye» (Nikolai Ge, 1875)
The room of А. S. Pushkin in his house at Mikhaylovskoye
The open-air museum of А. S. Pushkin «Mikhaylovskoye»
The alley of Kern at the estate of А. S. Pushkin in Mikhaylovskoye 
An apple garden at Pushkin`s estate Mikhaylovskoye
The walking paths at Pushkin`s estate Mikhaylovskoye
View of the Savkina Gorka hillfort from the estate of Alexander Pushkin in Mikhailovskoe
An old chapel on the top of the Savkina Gorka hillfort, and in front of it a cross of the 16th century with inscriptions
The house of Osipov-Wulf at Trigorskoye also known as the «Larin’s House». Pushkin was a big friend of the family
Pushkin and the Wulfs spent evenings at the sitting-room
The picture «Pushkin at Trigorskoye» (B. G. Birger)
The dining-room at Trigorskoye estate 
The picture «Pushkin visiting the Osipov-Wulf at Trigorskoye» (D. А. Belyukin)
The alley of Tatiana Larina at Trigorskoye estate
Eugene Onegin and Tatiana Larina at the park of Trigorskoye
The master’s bathhouse. Pushkin hung out there together with his friends and even stayed overnight when it was late to go to Mikhaylovskoye
The grave of Pushkin near the altar of the Assumption Cathedral at Svyatogorsky monastery
The Assumption Cathedral on the top of a high hill at Svyatogorsky monastery
The iconostasis of the Assumption Cathedral at Svyatogorsky monastery
The house of Abram Petrovich Gannibal at Petrovskoye estate
The lime alley at the park of Petrovskoye estate
Water mill in Bugrovo village, which was here in the time of Alexander Pushkin
Views of the Voronich hillfort on the part of the estate Trigorskoye