Resurrection Gate at the Red Square

The Resurrection Gate is at the entrance from the Manege Square to the Red Square, between the buildings of the State Historical Museum and the Museum of the Patriotic War of 1812. The latter was formerly occupied by the City Duma.

The Resurrection Gate was one of the main gates of the Kitay-gorod, which was surrounded by a wall for several centuries. The strong red brick wall of the Kitay-gorod was erected in 1535 under Elena Glinskaya who ruled over the country while her son Ivan (future Russian tzar Ivan IV the Terrible) was under age.

Since 1535 the Resurrection Gate was but two arches in the wall of the Kitay-gorod. But in 1680 above them there were erected two towers with two-headed eagles and that is how we can see it today. 

In 1669 the Chapel of the Iveron icon of the Mother of God, one of the most venerated icons of the Blessed Virgin in Russia, was attached to the gate from the side of the Manege Square. The exact copy of the icon was brought in Russia from Mount Athos in 1648 and at first it was kept at St. Nicholas monastery.

In 1931 the Resurrection Gate and the chapel were ruined, but in 1993 they were restored in their original appearance.