Towers of Moscow Kremlin

The strong wall and 3 towers are on the east side of the Red Square. It is the Moscow Kremlin. The small Senate Tower is in the middle of the wall, above the Lenin`s Mausoleum. It is flanked by the other two towers – Spasskaya and Nikolskaya.

Spasskaya (Savior) Tower with its chimes may be considered a landmark of the Moscow Kremlin. It was built by an Italian architect Pietro Antonio Solari in 1491. It was then named the Frolovskaya Tower after the Church of Frol and Lavr.

The height of the Spasskaya Tower is 70 meters. It is the second tallest tower, after the Trinity Tower, in the Moscow Kremlin. The gate of the Spasskaya Tower has always been the main entrance to the Kremlin. Above them is the wall-painted icon of Spas Smolensky (Smolensky Saviour), which was created there after the capture of Smolensk in 1514. 

The Kremlin chimes were installed on the tower in 16 century, and since that time they have changed their appearance several times. The today clock appeared in 1851. The diameter of its face is six meters.

Nikolskaya Tower (St. Nicholas) is near the State Historical Museum. As the Spasskaya Tower, it was built in 1491. Nikolskaya Tower was so called because of the icon of St. Nicholas, which is on the facade of the tower facing the Red Square. Red stars on top of the both towers.