This country in the south-west of Europe circumfluent by warm seas is one of the centers of European tourism for all those who prefer seaside vacations, high-quality infrastructure, interesting tours and European security.

Indeed, Mediterranean coast of Spain is a single vast beach area. It is divided into several sections: Costa Brava, Costa Dorada, Costa del Sol, etc. There are many small resort towns on the coast and each of them has a great number of hotels, restaurants, clubs, and everything which is necessary for good vacation.

In Spain you shouldn’t not only spend you time on beaches but must visit some most curious historical sites. Spain has long been under the Arabs, which is reflected in the architecture of the southern regions of the country. The most beautiful Alhambra Palace located in Granada is annually visited by a great number of tourists, and it is really worth visiting. Seville is also a very interesting town where Arabic and Catholic are closely blended.

If you`d like to get acquainted with some cities, you should go to Madrid and Barcelona. These two cities constantly compete with each other. Madrid is the capital of Spain. There are many various sights in the city. You must visit Prado, which is one of the best museums in the world. Also, you should see the Escorial Palace, built by Philippe II in the 16th century, the period of the highest rise of Spanish Empire.

Barcelona has a special atmosphere. Wonderful historical sites and masterpieces of Gaudi, as well as peculiar resort spirit and various entertainment opportunities are singularly combined in this large city.

Apart from two capital cities, those of Spain and Catalonia, there a number of small towns, which could be very interesting for lovers of history, they are Toledo, Ronda, Cadis, Santiago de Compostela, Segovia, and Avila. Toledo deserves special attention. It is a two hour train trip of Madrid, and it is surely worth visiting. This medieval town is a “pearl” of Spanish culture.

It would be very interesting to travel over Spain by car, as there are a lot of beautiful natural sights in the country. If you like downhill skiing, you should go to the north-east of the country, to the Pyrenees. There are also excellent skiing resorts in the Sierra Nevada near Granada, in the south-west of the country. In summer you could make mountain trips there.

You must consider going to one of the Spanish islands, for example Canary Islands, or Ibiza and Majorca. Atlantic Canary Islands are year-round resort. And every island has excellent opportunities for adventure tourism in highland areas. However, if you prefer night clubs, then Ibiza is possibly best suitable for it.