St. Isaac`s Cathedral is the main temple of St. Petersburg erected by French architect Montferrand in the 19th century. You can see its dome from the roof of almost every house in the old city. It is the world-largest cathedral, accommodating 14 thousand people. Interior of the cathedral is rather interesting but you must buy a ticket to the gallery. There you could have a wonderful view of old Petersburg, the way it was in the past centuries. 

On one side of the cathedral there is St. Isaac`s Square, where there is a monument to Nicolay I. It has only two supporting points. Beyond a small square there is the Senate Square. In the reign of Katherine II there was erected a monument to Peter I, which became one of the symbol of the city. It is often called the Bronze Horseman.

Admiralty and Alexander Garden. The Spire of Admiralty is one of the main landmarks of the city. The old part of the city is so arranged that three main avenues are converged near the Admiralty and its spire is the central point which is seen from far away. At the Admiralty`s shipyard founded by Peter the Great there were built war ships, created Russian fleet. The length of facade is 407 meters.

Along the Admiralty, from the Palace Square to the Senate Square, there was planted a very beautiful Alexander Garden, where it is pleasant to rest after tiring tours of the city.