The corner of Petersburg where Summer Garden and St Michael`s Castle are located is is very picturesque. It is a meeting place of several canals, spanned with beautiful bridges. Nearby there is the Field of Mars, a meeting place of citizens in the past centuries.

It was laid by Peter I as an example of Dutch garden art. Near the Neva River there is the Summer Palace of Peter the Great. In the park there are many sculptures brought by him from Italy. For a long time the park was closed for public, it was only a walking place of the emperor`s servitors. In 1770 there was erected a famous fence on the side of the Neva River, which became one of the important sights of Petersburg.

There are many fountains, gazebos and monuments in the Summer garden. Visitors can have a rest in pavilions and a greenhouse. The most romantic time of walking in these places is the early Golden autumn, when the leaves of the trees turn yellow, but do not fall yet. There are always a lot of people walking around here.

In front of the Summer Garden there is Mikhailovsky Castle built by Paul I who was very concerned about plots. And it was just the site where he was killed. Now it is affiliate of Russian Museum.