Before the October Revolution the Square of 1905 Revolution had many names: Church Square, Cathedral Square and Market Square. From the very beginning it was the main square of the city, as it was in the immediate vicinity of the City Pond, the place where Yekaterinburg was founded.

It was renamed Cathedral Square after Epiphany Church, which was built in the second half of the 18 century, was given the status of the main church of the city in 1833. The church was built in the style of baroque and strongly resembled Peter and Paul Cathedral in St. Petersburg. It was demolished in 1930.

The square was given its today name – 1905 Russian Revolution Square – in memory of the revolutionary events, which took place in many cities of the country. On May 1, 1905 the first political demonstration was held on the square. Then they were held there on a regular basis, until the protesters were dispersed by the Cossacks in October 1905. As a result, there were killed several protesters on the square.

Today the impressive building of the City Council (City Hall) is the main feature of the square. Formerly, it was the building of the Gostiny Dvor. Its reconstruction as the main administrative building of the city began in 1947. In 1954, after a clock tower with a spire and a ruby star was added, the City Council acquired its today appearance.

Lenin monument is in the center of the square. And near it is a granite platform where the city authorities stood during parades and demonstrations in the Soviet period. Now behind the monument are modern skyscrapers built recently in Yekaterinburg.