Weiner street in Yekaterinburg

This pedestrian Weiner street beginning at Lenin Avenue has long became a center of attraction both for natives and tourists. It begins nearly at the building of the City Hall, and its pedestrian zone stretches along three quarters up to Kuybyshev Street.

Formerly, it was Uspenskaya (Assumption) Street. After the revolution it was renamed in honor of a revolutionary Weiner. Taking into account its central position, it may be considered one of the oldest streets of the city planned as far back as the 18 century.

The decision about a pedestrian zone was taken in 2003. Many historic buildings were reconstructed, many new shops and cafes were opened. And in the street itself there were installed small monuments you can take photos at.

However, before 2003 there were also many shops in Weiner street, including the shop of the Agafurov brothers, which was very popular in the 19 century. There also survived the historic buildings of the shops of Sytin and Izhboldin in the street. The building of Russian-Asian Bank, the printing-house «Granite», as well as many private two-story houses are also in Weiner Street.

Now there are always a lot of people in the street. They come there to walk, to shop or to sit at one of the local cafes or restaurants. Closeness of the other sights of Yekaterinburg makes this place very popular.