The main street of Yekaterinburg running through the historic center of the city is Lenin Avenue. Its most interesting part stretches from Weiner Street to the Ural University. The most interesting buildings are located just there.

Sometime Lenin Avenue was called Perspektivnaya Street. Today its most busy part is between the City Pond and the Square of 1905. You can stroll along the embankments of the City Pond or on the walks of the public garden around the Plotinka. It is there that many beautiful buildings of the city are located – Sevastyanov House, Museum of History of Stone-Cutting and Jewellery, etc.

The Square of 1905 is a bit further from the City Pond. Today it is the center of the city. The big building of the City Hall (former City Council), shopping centers are in that part of the city. It is there that the pedestrian part of Weiner Street begins.

On Lenin Avenue, to the east from the City Pond, you can see the buildings of the Soviet period such as Central Post Office and the printing house «The Ural Worker», as well as the buildings of the 19 century such as the Ural University.