Karaalioglu is the largest park in the historical center of Antalya. It is on the high bank in the southern part of Kaleici. You can have a wonderful view of the sea and the bay of the old port from its viewing points.

The park was founded in 1943. You can see the Atatürk`s House Museum at the entrance of the park. It is a white mansion where Mustafa Kemal used to stay during his visits to Antalya. Alleys flanked with tall palm trees and various low-growing trees, bushes and plants lead from this house to the embankment.

There are a lot of citrus trees in the park. It will be especially pleasant to have a stroll along the embankment. It stretches for several hundred meters and ends above the bay of the old port. It is there that Hydyrlyk Tower is located. It is a strong defensive structure, which made it possible to control the entrance of the port. It was built in II century A.D. Today you can ascend on the top of the tower to enjoy the views of the old port and Kaleici.