Kaleici is the historical center of Antalya. In Turkish Kaleici means «inside the fortress», and indeed the quarter was surrounded by a fortified wall, which was built by the Romans in II century. Since that time to this day there survived only Hadrian`s Gate and the fortified walls with towers, while Kaleici properly looks like an old Turkish city of the XIX century.

You can start your tour of Kaleici from its northern part, from the Yavuz Ozcan Park. The park is on a high rocky plateau and the tiled roofs of Kaleici look very picturesque from its viewing points. You should see Kaleici from the top point of the panoramic elevator rising above the old port of Antalya. Probably, it is the best place to admire the historical center of the city.

Also, you must visit a square near the Clock Tower. There you can see the ruins of the ancient fortified walls. Yivli Minaret Mosque, which is a symbol of Antalya, is near the square. Tekeli Mehmet Pasha Jami Mosque is just behind the Clock Tower. It would be better for you to go into Kaleici just in this place and begin a leisurely walk through its narrow streets.

If you go to the east of Kaleici from there, you can get to Hadrian’s Gate. It is the main tourist attraction of the quarter. The old port is in the west of Kaleici. The fortified walls built under the Romans rise above the port. Pirate boats are moored at the pier. They are used for various boat tours.

In general, the beauty of the quarter is not in any individual sights but rather in the old houses of XIX and XX centuries. It is will be interesting to simply wander among the houses, to visit souvenir shops, sit at cafes and restaurants.