The Kurshunlu national park is 25 kilometers to the north-east of Antalya. This is a fairly large park complex, but tourists usually visit the pedestrian zone around the Kurshunlu waterfall.

The national park was created in 1986. It is not very big, with an area of only 33 hectares. The natives like this place very much as at the park entrance there was created a lot of places for picnic among big pines. Passing by them, you will come to a small lake, surrounded on three sides by 30-meter rocks.

The rocks are covered with green plants, ferns and mosses, and amidst this beauty, the Aksu River is separated into hundreds of small streams and fall down from the height of 18 meters. Lianas hang from huge plane trees raising above the lake. All this creates a very beautiful landscape.

But, unfortunately, during the hottest summer months, local farmers take away a large amount of water from the Aksu River to irrigate their fields and the waterfall is significantly reduced. So if you come there in this period, you will see only a few small streams of water among the mosses.

After visiting the waterfall, you can walk down the path running along the river, which flows in small cascades down to the Mediterranean Sea. You can see very picturesque thickets of bushes and trees among the boulders. The huge roots of trees covered with mosses are especially picturesque. Nature is very similar to subtropics. There are beautiful blue lagoons in some places.