The fortified wall and towers surrounding Kaleici (Old Town) remained in many places of the city. However, Saat Kulesi (Clock Tower) on Kalekapysy Square is one of the most famous sights of Antalya.

In many places, fortified walls and towers date back to the times of ancient Rome but the tower of Saat Kulesi is quite young. It was built only in 1901. That year German Kaiser Wilhelm II gave the Turkish sultan Abdul Hamid a batch of wall clocks, by the 25th anniversary of his reign, which were then hung on many towers in Turkey.

In Antalya, a special tower was built for this clock on the most busy square, in front of the entrance to the Old Town, if you go towards the port. The first pentagonal tier, 8 meters high, is trimmed with rough, rustic stone. The second quadrangular tier is trimmed with smooth stone.

Some other attractions of Antalya are near the tower. They are Yivli Minaret Mosque and the passage to the old port. If you turn left at the tower and go along the fortified wall, you can also get to Hadrian’s Gate.