Yivli Minaret is quite rightly considered a symbol of Antalya. It rises 38 meters above Kaleici and can be seen from almost any point of the Old Town. It was built by Sultan Kay-Kubad Ala ad-Din in 1227.

The territory of the Koniysky Sultanate was in the center of Asia Minor and the Turks gradually won over new lands from the Byzantine Empire. Sultan Kay-Kubad began the struggle for the Mediterranean coast in 1206 and finished it in 1226 and a minaret was immediately laid down in honor of this event. Therefore, the minaret, as well as the mosque, which was built a little later, is the first example of Islamic culture in Antalya.

Yivli means «corrugated» in Turkish. The surface of the minaret consists of eight hemispheres decorated with mosaic of brick and tiles. For this reason the minaret really looks corrugated. A madrasa is next to the minaret. There you can see an example of the irrigation system of the early Middle Ages.