The memorial and sculptural complex «The Alley of Glory» is near Fountains Descent on the high bank of the river Saranka. The opening of the complex was timed to to the 50th anniversary of the Mordovian Autonomous Republic in 1979.

The two shady alleys of the complex are flanked by the monuments and busts of the outstanding natives of Mordovia: scientist М.  Yevsevyev, poets А. Polezayev, Z. Dorofeyev and N. Ogarev, composers L. Kiryukov and L. Voinov, writers P. Kirillov and М. Bezborodov, artist F. Sychkov, sculptor S. Erzya (Nefedov), actor I. Yaushev, general М. Purkayev, etc. One can also see a monument to Admiral Fyodor Ushakov at the «Alley of Glory». Ushakov is very honored in Mordovia, even though he was born in Yaroslavl region.

At the memorial complex there is also the republican honors board with the photos of the honorary citizens of Mordovia, the holders of the Order of Glory, and the best workers from various sectors.