The Alley of Monumental Propaganda is one of the interesting places of Gorki park. There were installed several monuments of Lenin. They are regular busts and sculptor groups, such as Lenin with children and Lenin at work. Recently Stalin busts of granite and limestone also appeared in the alley. Society still have mixed feelings about Stalin but it is a part of the history of the Soviet Union.

The monuments of Lenin you can see in the alley were created between the 1930th and the 1970th by very famous Soviet sculptors including Merkurov, Andreyev, Pinchuk and Kibalnikov. There you can see only some 10 busts and monuments of Lenin while in the Soviet period there were installed over 10 thousand such monuments.

For example, in the alley you can see the Lenin sculpture of pink marble by Merkurov (1939), which once was in the conference hall of the Supreme Council of the USSR at the Moscow Kremlin. By the way, it was just Merkurov who made the death mask of Lenin when he died at Gorki.