From the time of their first visit to Gorki in 1918 to the first insult of Lenin in 1922, Lenin and Krupskaya lived in the Northern Outhouse, as they thought the main house to be very big for them. 

The interior and furniture remained intact in the rooms of Lenin and Krupskaya. A small dressing table is in the corner of the room of Lenin. Lenin wrote his works at this table. Books were kept in the linen closet. A wolf skin is on the floor of the room of Lenin. It is a gift of Tver hunters who visited Lenin.

Nadezhda Krupskaya and the sister of Lenin, Maria Ulyanova, lived in nearby rooms. The northern fligel wasn`t outfitted with steam heating, so each room had a stove. 

In the northern fligel there is a small exposition containing the personal belongings of Lenin, such as: the tunic and boots of Lenin, his hunting outfit, the watch, which were stopped by Krupskaya when Lenin died, a wheelchair used by Lenin after the insult and many other things.