The building of Lenin Museum was constructed in Leninskiye Gorki in 1987. Architect L. Pavlov called it «My Parthenon». The building looking like a mausoleum is faced in marble. It has a cubic shape and an entrance colonnade. The museum is quite rightly considered an important monument of the Soviet period, both by the form and content.

Entering the museum you ascend to a great hall by a large staircase with steps of black marble. A 5-meter marble sculpture of Lenin is in the center of the huge round hall. On the walls of the hall you can see an exposition devoted to the first years of Soviet power.

The museum exposition consists of 5 halls where you can know about the activity of Lenin and the Soviet government. In each hall there are special cubes with projectors showing documentary chronicles of the first years of Soviet power. On the walls of the museum halls there are a lot of original documents, decrees of the Soviet government, with remarks of Lenin, as well the summaries of the speeches of Lenin, his letters to colleagues. The quotes of Lenin are all over the walls.

Original letters are a pride of the museum. There you can see the original letters of Lenin, Stalin, Trotsky, Lunacharsky and many other leaders of the Soviet Russia. The museum also has letters of those who fought against the Soviet regime, particularly the leaders of the White movement А. Denikin and А. Kolchak.