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Museum Lenin`s workroom in the Kremlin in Lenin hills estate

The Museum Lenin`s workroom in the Moscow Kremlin is now located in Lenin Hills estate. The house where it is placed is at a significant distance from the main house of Gorki estate. At the Kremlin there was reconstructed the interior of the study and the rooms of Lenin and Krupskaya where they lived since 1918.

On February 26, 1918 it was decided to move the capital of Russia from St. Petersburg to Moscow. The Soviet government also moved there. This decision was taken in the interests of safety as Petersburg was too close to the border and was open to military intervention in the conditions of the civil war. All government members also settled at the Moscow Kremlin and some of them even occupied the tsar suites of the Great Kremlin Palace.

Lenin and Krupskaya were assigned a space of 300 square meters on the third floor of the Senate Palace. Their apartments included the Lenin study, a reception room, a room for the meetings of the Sovnarkom (Council of People`s Commissars), a library and several residential rooms for the family of Lenin.

From 1922 though 1924 Lenin and Krupskaya lived at Gorki but, when Lenin died, Krupskaya returned to their Kremlin apartment and lived there to her death in 1939. In 1994, during the repair works in the Senate Palace, all furniture of the Lenin study and apartment, which were made a museum by that time, were moved to one of the houses at Gorki. 

To get to the Lenin study from the main house of Gorki estate you will need to go about 700 meters along the so-called funeral alley. In 1924 the coffin with the body of Lenin was carried along this road to the railway station Gerasimovo. The monument of Lenin is near the Lenin study.

Actually, it were the Lenin study and the room for the meetings of the Council of People`s Commissars, which were reconstructed in the smallest details. In the Lenin study you can see the arm-chairs, which you could see on many pictures. There are personal things of Lenin on the table. And on the walls of the study you can see the maps with the marks, which were made by Lenin himself. He made the marks when planning the division of the country into republics. 

There were also reconstructed the library of Lenin. He began to collect the library from the first days of his stay at the Moscow Kremlin. At first Lenin managed the library for himself, sorted books and gave them to his colleagues for reading, but soon it got so big that he had to hire a librarian.