There are several churches of the Assumption Brusensky Convent in the immediate vicinity of the remaining section of the wall of the Kolomna Kremlin on Lazhechnikov street. Together with the New Golutvin Monastery it was within the walls of the Old Town.

The Assumption Brusensky Monastery was established in 1552. That year the troops of Ivan the Terrible started off from Kolomna to Kazan. And after the victory it was there that a small one-domed stone tent church of Assumption was erected, which laid down the foundation of the future monastery.

For a long time all its buildings excepting the Assumption church were made of wood. The monastery was severely damaged during the siege of Kolomna in the Time of Troubles, when the national levy knocked out the Polish troops from Moscow, and was later restored as a female monastery or convent.

In 1818, when they began to actively take the city wall to pieces, the bricks of the Ivanovskie Gates, which were right opposite the monastery, were used to build the monastery wall with characteristic Gothic towers. 

And in 1848 the main church of the monastery – the Cathedral of the Elevation of the Cross – was erected. It looks very beautiful both from Lazhechnikov street and the wall of the Kremlin. Between the monastery and the city wall is a beautiful green lawn where one can feel the atmosphere of the old Kolomna in the period of its prosperity.