The new Assumption Cathedral in Kolomna was erected in 1682. However, it retained certain elements of the old cathedral. The new cathedral had two tiers of windows, as well as bright painting. The Cathedral Square is within the Kolomna Kremlin, which was surrounded by the fortified walls. It is not far from the bank of the Kolomenka river. The New Golutvin Convent is quite near the Cathedral Square.

Dmitry Donskoi laid down the first Cathedral of the Assumption in the Cathedral Square in 1379 after his first victory over the troops of the Golden Horde on the Vozha river. Already in 1380 the Battle of Kulikovo took place, where Dmitry Donskoi won the complete victory over the troops of Mamay, and in consideration of this Dmitry Donskoi finished and consecrated the Assumption Cathedral in Kolomna. Theophanes the Greek supposedly took part in the painting of the cathedral in 1392.

Two centuries later, in 1552, the troops of Ivan the Terrible setting off for Kazan were also blessed in this cathedral. Ivan the Terrible took with him the Icon of Our Lady of the Don, which was moved to the Donskoy Monastery in Moscow after the Kazan campaign. St. Job, the first Patriarch of all Rus`, also served at the cathedral during 1581-1586.