Lazhechnikov street is located in the historical part of the Kremlin is one of the main sights of Kolomna, where one can feel the atmosphere of a provincial town.

The pedestrian part of the street begins at the Brusensky monastery and stretches to Lazarev street.  Before 1921 the street was called Brusenskaya by the name of the monastery, but finally it was renamed Lazhechnikov in honour of a writer Ivan Lazhechnikov who was born in Kolomna. 

On both sides of the street one can see the stone and wooden houses of 19 century and the beginning of 20 century: the house of a doctor Lozovsky, the former city council, the Lvov’s house (Museum of Organic Culture), the Kolchinsky’s house now occupied by the local history museum and the Petrov’s house. All these houses represent different architectural styles from classicism to eclecticism.