For several centuries there was Kolomna eparchy in the church hie-rarchy, with the archiereus podvorye in the center of the Kolomna Kremlin, however, in 1799 it was decided to abolish it and establish the New Golutvin Convent of the Holy Trinity on the place of the podvorye.

The big Trinity Cathedral built in 1705 is in the center of the convent. Together with residential and ad-ministrative chambers it was all that remained from the podvorye. In 19 century there were built the Inter-cession Church (1823) and the bell tower (1825). 

At the end of the 90th there appeared the chapels of Xenia of St. Petersburg and Matrona. This is re-lated to the orthodox medical center operating on the territory of the convent where some nuns, professional doctors, receive patients. 

On the territory of the monastery in the nursery "Convent" they keep and rear the rare breed of Mongo-lian-Buryat dogs, as well as Central Asian sheep dogs. The camel Sinai given by the cosmonauts is a sin-gularity of the convent. On the territory of the monastery, located 17 km from Kolomna, the nuns breed the pure-blooded Vyatka horses, brought from Udmurtia. There is an animal lovers club at the monastery. On Christmas the nuns ride children on the horses and on the camel.