Bald Mountain in Solotcha is located on the banks of the Staritsa River in Solotcha Park. Due to the beauty of these places, the small town of Solotcha is called the Ryazan resort. Bald Mountain is a small section of the slope above the river Staritsa, covered with golden sand. There is no vegetation on it, so the mountains were called «Bald». On the sides of the Bald mountain towering huge pine trees. 

The width of the Bald Mountain in Solotcha reaches 150 meters. The length of the slope that descends to the river bank is also about 150 meters. In winter, a sledding and tubing track is made on the mountain. You can climb the mountain by an iron ladder on the right side of the slope. In summer, you can walk straight on the sand, but it`s easier to use the stairs.  

For a long time, Bald Mountain was the center of ski jumping in Ryazan. In the 1950s, a wooden springboard was built here, and local athletes trained on it every winter. In 1974, the wooden springboard was dismantled. By the Moscow Olympics-1980, local authorities decided to build a large springboard made of reinforced concrete. However, after the construction was completed, it turned out that at such a height of the springboard, skiers fly over the 150-meter slope of Bald Mountain and land on the ice of the Staritsa River near the high opposite bank.  

A special commission banned the use of this springboard. For forty years, the skeleton of the springboard was rusting until it was dismantled in 2021. So Bald Mountain was restored to the pristine natural beauty of the pine forest.  

There is a small beach at the foot of Bald Mountain, although the riverbed of the Staritsa River is very narrow here. The Staritsa River is a branch of the Oka River, which flows among flood meadows. The main channel of the Oka River is now 7 kilometers to the west. Near the Bald Mountain, the Solotcha River flows into the Staritsa River. 

The dirt road to Bald Mountain goes among the Solotchasky Park. You can drive along it by car. You need to go to the Solotcha Park in the direction of the Sosnovy Bor Sanatorium, and turn left near the cottage village of Lukomorye. The distance to Bald Mountain, which you need to drive along a dirt road, is 1.6 kilometers.