Solotcha Park is located 20 kilometers north of the center of Ryazan. This Park is also called Solotcha pine forest, and Solotcha itself is called the Ryazan resort. On the territory of the Solotcha Park in different places there are sanatoriums and cottage villages, however, the protected area of the pine forest is also extensive.  

Solotcha Park is a cross between a wild pine forest and a city park. It has many walking trails and there are small dirt roads. Sometimes cars drive here, but huge relict pines and the purest air with the scent of pine needles create the feeling that you are at a resort. From the north, the territory of the Meshchersky National Park borders Solotcha Park. For tens of kilometers there stretches a swampy area with numerous lakes, rivers and streams. 

The age of many pine trees in Solotcha Park reaches 200 years. The land in the pine forest is clean, without shrubs and fallen trees, which usually occur in mixed forests of central Russia. On the right side of the Bald Mountain there is a trail that stretches for several kilometers along the Solotcha River. 300 meters from Bald Mountain on the trail you can see pine trees with bare roots. There are such trees on Lake Baikal. There they are called "Stilt trees". These pines grow on sandy slopes descending to the water. Wind and rain gradually wash out the sand from under the roots, but the root system is strengthened. These roots look very beautiful.  

If you go even further from the pine trees with bare roots, then there you will see the "Green Park Terrencourt Route". It was made by the owners of the Green Park Solotcha residential complex, but everyone can walk around it. At the beginning of this terrencourt there is a spring of the Living Trinity. Local people come here for water.