The Ryazan Art Museum is located in a 19th-century mansion on Svobody Street. Nearby are a large building of the Philharmonic and Gostiny Dvor, and behind the museum you can walk along the alleys of the Lower City Garden. The collection of the Ryazan Art Museum has paintings by many famous Russian artists, as well as local artists from Ryazan. 

The mansion, which houses the Ryazan Art Museum, was built by the rich Ryazan merchant Gavriil Ryumin. In 1833, Ryumin`s son handed it over to the Ryazan Provincial Gymnasium, where children from noble families studied and lived.  

The first collections of the Ryazan Art Museum were formed in 1913, thanks to the enthusiasm of local art fans. In Soviet times, the museum`s collections were actively replenished, and in 1980 the museum`s exposition was placed in the Ryumin mansion. 

In the Ryazan Art Museum, you can see paintings by Aivazovsky, Perov, Repin, Borovikovsky, Venetsianov, Shishkin, Savrasov, Levitan, Surikov and many others. There are several paintings by Boris Kustodiev from the early period, when he had not yet painted pictures of stout ladies. A separate hall is dedicated to the engravings of the most famous artist from Ryazan Ivan Zhalostin. There are paintings here by another Ryazan artist Abram Arkhipov. He was the son of a peasant, but thanks to his talent he became famous. 

Paintings by Western European artists, as well as many objects of decorative art, were transferred to the museum from the noble estates of the Ryazan region. There are collections of ceramics, furniture and porcelain from Russian and Soviet factories. Paintings by Soviet artists are of great interest.