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St.John the Evangelist monastery in Ryazan region

The Monastery of St. John the Evangelist, one of the oldest monasteries in Ryazan Region, is in Poschupovo village on the high bank of the Oka river. It is believed that the monastery was founded by Greek monks in 12 century. These monks brought with them the miracle-making icon of the apostle John the Evangelist, which became the main sacred thing of the Poschupovo monastery.

The main church of the monastery – the Cathedral of John the Evangelist – was built in 1689. The small church of Seraphim of Sarov is under the sanctuary of the cathedral. You must visit the winter Assumption cathedral (1868) to see a very beautiful faience iconostasis. Such iconostasis were produced at the Ural workshops.

After the ukase on secularization the monastery lost all its lands and went down by the beginning of 19 century. But the merchant David Khludov decided to restore it for his own money. He restored the Cathedral of John the Evangelist and rebuilt the Assumption cathedral. Already after his death, in 1901, the 80-meter bell tower was erected.