The main museums devoted to the Battle of Kulikovo are located 120 kilometers to the south-east of Tula: on the Kulikovo Field, at the village Monastyrschino and on the Red Hill. However, there is a small museum of Kulikovo battle with the expositions «The Antiquities of Tula» and «The Legend of the Slaughter of Mamai» in the center of Tula.

The museum of Tula antiquities was opened at the estate complex of the beginning of the 20th century on Lenin Avenue in 1993. It has an archaeological exposition devoted to the history of the Tula Region, from the Stone Age to the creation of the Tula province in the 18th century. All these exhibits were found during the archaeological expeditions and excavations, which were conducted in the Tula Region.

The exposition «The Legend of the Slaughter of Mamai» was opened in 2015. The structure of the exposition includes several educational and playing themes for children and adults. The exposition also has three theme sections «The Secrets of Tula Masters» where the izba of a Tula artisan is presented as a dwelling, as a pottery and as a blacksmith shop.