Bauman Street is the main pedestrian street of the historical center of Kazan. The street is often passed both by tourists and natives, as it connects all the main sights of Kazan.

It would be better to have a stroll along Bauman Street after a visit to the Kazan Kremlin and the Cathedral of Peter and Paul. The pedestrian part of the street is two quarters from the cathedral. It is there that the Cat of Kazan is located.

There remained many various historical buildings in Bauman Street. They are the hotel «Kazan», Kachalov Drama Theatre, the House of Press, the House of Tatar Cuisine, the Building of the National Bank of Tatarstan and many other buildings.

It will be at least as interesting to be photographed against the background of sculptures, monuments and fountains in Bauman Street. The citizens and guests of Kazan like to be photographed in the coach of Catherine the Great, as well as at the fountain «Frogs». However, the clock on Tukay Square is the most curious monument of Kazan. It s decorated by rich ornament and figures.

Near Tukay Square, in the place where Bauman Street is crossed by the busy Pushkin Street, one can see the tall bell tower of Epiphany Church. The height of the bell tower is 74 meters. A big monument of Feodor Chaliapin is in front of Epiphany Church in Bauman Street. This famous Russian opera singer was baptized in this church in 1873.

Petersburg Street is beyond Pushkin Street. This pedestrian street is very similar to Bauman Street. By this street one can pass to the Millennium Park, which is on the shore of Low Kaban Lake.