Lower Kaban Lake is in the center of Kazan. Its embankment near Kamal Theatre is fully beautified. It is near the source of the river Bolaq and the Millennium Park, so many come there to have a walk or take a rest.

The lake Nizhny Kaban is connected by channels with the lakes Verkhny Kaban, and Sredny Kaban. The Kazan Zoo is on the bank of the Botanical Channel connecting the lakes Nizhny Kaban and Sredny Kaban. The total area of three lakes is over 180 hectares.

The Kamal Tatar Academic Theatre is on the shore of the lake Nizhny Kaban. It was founded in 1906, but its new large building was constructed only in 1987. At the present day a beautiful system of cascading waterfalls was built on the square in front of the theatre. And near it on the lake Kaban a huge fountain of 50 meters is spouting. 

A boat station is on this embankment where you can rent a boat or a catamaran and have a ride on the lake. The Millennium Park is to the east of the boat station, and Tatar Sloboda with towering minarets is to the west of it.