The bell tower of Epiphany Cathedral is one of the most conspicuous sights of Kazan. It is in Bauman Street. This tent-shaped structure was built in 1731.

Formerly, the today Bauman Street was called Bolshaya Prolomnya as it led from the Prolomny gate of the Kazan posad (trading quarter) to the Kremlin. After the appearance of the Bogoyavlensky Cathedral and its famous bell tower all this district at the foot of the Kazan Kremlin was called Bogoyavlensky.

The bell tower reaches the height of 63 meters, which makes it the tallest building in Kazan. For comparison, the height of Soyembika Tower is only 58 meters. Of course, the beauty of the ornamental brickwork gives the bell tower a special flavor.

The cathedral itself is behind the bell tower and is barely visible from Bauman Street. In the 20th it was the main cathedral of Kazan. Feodor Chaliapin himself was baptized in this cathedral in 1873. The monument of this famous Russian opera singer is near the bell tower. In our time there was even an attempt to open a chamber hall and a Chaliapin museum in the bell tower.