The memorial Lenin museum house was opened in 1937. Now it is the oldest museum in Tatarstan. The museum is in a wooden house of the Orlovs. The house itself was built in 1870. It was preserved in its original state to our days. The furnishings of the house are as they were when the family of Ulyanov lived in Kazan.

As is known, the family of Ulyanov-Lenin moved from Simbirsk (Ulyanovsk) in 1887, when the young Vladimir Ulyanov graduated from Simbirsk gymnasium with a gold medal. He decided to enter the law faculty of Kazan University. His father, Ilya Nikolayevich, graduated from the same university and they planned to move together but he died in 1886. So the family went to Kazan without him.

At first the Ulyanovs lived rented various apartments but finally they settled down in the Orlov`s house, where they lived for about a year. However, they had to leave Kazan after Vladimir Lenin was expelled from the university for active participation in student disturbances. The family of Ulyanov moved to Samara.

Two kitchens and a small nanny`s room is on the ground floor of the museum house. Three residential rooms are on the first floor of the museum house. Vladimir Lenin lived in one of the rooms. A big living-room was also on the first floor of the museum house. The brother and sister of Vladimir Lenin, Dmitry and Marie, took an active part in the creation of the museum in 1937.