Having a stroll on Petersburg Street you may turn to the Millennium Park. The Millennium Park was created by the 1000th anniversary of Kazan on the shore of Low Kaban Lake.

The park surrounded by a carved fencing has an area of 6 hectares. The statues of winged serpents are at the seven gates of the park. These mythical creates are on the flag of Kazan. 

The alleys of the park meet at the huge cauldron fountain with a diameter of 36 meters. The fountain jets of 17 meters personify the legend about the foundation of Kazan. The fountain is surrounded by small winged serpents.

A monument of Kulu Gali is at the Millennium Park. This Bulgarian poet lived in the Middle Ages. The alleys of the park are lined by beautiful trees. Some of the trees were planted by renown people in the day of the thousandth anniversary of Kazan. The embankment of Low Kaban Lake is also very beautifully decorated.