The Black Chamber of Bolgar is one of the most beautiful and mysterious building of Bolgar. It was built in the 14th century from white limestone, but to this day it has been preserved blackened due to the fire that occurred in it in 1361. The Black Chamber is located 700 meters from the main attractions of Bolgar, but it is necessary to visit it. 

The Khan`s Palace and the Cathedral’s Mosque were built at the same time as the Black Chamber, but only the foundations of them have remained to this day. The three-tiered building of the Black Chamber has been completely preserved to this day, despite the fire. It is similar to the Mausoleums of Bolgar, but much larger and higher in size. 

The Black Chamber has three tiers. The upper tier is built in the form of an octagon, which lies on a quadrangle. The monumental foundation also has the shape of a quadrangle. Once there was an arcade on this foundation, but it has not survived to this day.

Archaeologists and historians are arguing about the purpose of the Black Chamber. Some believe that there was a Khan`s court on the upper level, and a prison in the basement. Others believe that there was a mosque of a craft town. In the 14th century, the Bulgarian was in its heyday, and this attracted many artisans here. The settlement where they lived was located around the Black Chamber. 

In the second half of the 14th century, Tamerlane`s enmity with the khans of various Golden Horde uluses began. Because of this, Tamerlane undertook several campaigns to the Volga lands. During one of them, he captured the Bolgar. According to legend, Tamerlane wanted to execute Khan, but he and his family took refuge in the Black Chamber. Tamerlane ordered the building to be surrounded with logs and set on fire. After the fire on the roof of the Black Chamber, Tamerlane and his soldiers saw a girl in white clothes. It was Princess Gaisha-bike. She was famous for her beauty and holiness, so Allah saved her.