There are two Mausoleums of Bolgar, built in the 14th century. Near the Assumption Church there is a mausoleum with a round roof, which is called the Northern Mausoleum. On the opposite side of the Cathedral’s Mosque is the Eastern Mausoleum with a hipped roof. Both mausoleums were used for the burial of notable Bulgarians. 

The Eastern Mausoleum has been preserved to this day since the 14th century. Its walls and hipped dome are made of white limestone. In the 18th century, the monks of the Assumption Monastery turned the mausoleum into the Church of St. Nicholas. During the reconstruction of Bolgar in 2010, excavations were carried out in the Eastern Mausoleum. Now a small exposition has been created in the mausoleum, open to the public. Here you can see the burials of the Golden Horde era, as well as a small exhibition on the history of Bolgar.  

The Northern Mausoleum with a round roof after the construction of the Assumption Church in 1734 was used as a monastery cellar for storing food. The Northern Mausoleum is also a building of an ancient Bolgar, preserved to this day from the 14th century. The mausoleum is open to the public. There you can see tombstones with various ornaments and epigraphs in Arabic script.