The Church of St. Abraham of Bulgaria is located at the entrance to the city of Bolgar. Its bright blue building is clearly visible from the road. The Church of St. Abraham was built of wood in the 19th century. It was located in the village of Porfirovka, Spassky district. After the residents left this village, the church was dismantled in 1988 and moved to Bolgar.  

Saint Abraham of Bulgaria lived in the 12th century. He was a merchant from Volga Bulgaria and traveled a lot on the Volga. In Russia, he converted to Christianity and began to preach it in Bulgaria. For this he was captured and executed in 1229.  

The Prince of Vladimir asked the Bulgarians to give him the relics of Abraham. They were transferred to Vladimir and buried in the Assumption Princess Monastery. The veneration of St. Abraham began in Vladimir in the 13th century, and later spread to the whole country. Some of the relics were later returned to Bolgar and are now kept here in the church. 

The Church of St. Abraham in Bolgar has a large territory with a garden. Small replicas of temples have been built there. There is a Holy Well near the forest, where a chapel has been erected. Local people come to this well for holy water.