The Khan`s Necropolis is 700 meters from the Khan`s Palace and the Cathedral’s Mosque. Here you can see the mausoleum and the small minaret. They were built in the 14th century. The Small Minaret, unlike the Large Minaret of the Cathedral’s Mosque, has been preserved to this day in its original form.  

The Khan`s Necropolis has the shape of a cube of 8.5 x 8.5 meters. The walls of the mausoleum have been preserved since the 14th century, and the dome of the mausoleum was restored by restorers. Archaeologists have discovered 8 graves inside the mausoleum and about 30 graves on the territory of the Khan`s Necropolis. The khans of Volga Bulgaria and their family members were buried in this mausoleum. Near the Cathedral’s Mosque there are two more Mausoleums of Bolgar, where the notable people of the city were buried. 

According to legend, one of the sahabas was buried at this place in the 7th century. Sahab (or Ashab) is an adherent of the Prophet Muhammad, who saw him during his lifetime and believed in his teachings, that is, became a Muslim. In the Christian tradition, these people are called apostles.  

The Prophet Muhammad sent sahabs to different countries to preach Islam. Three of them arrived on the lands of Volga Bulgaria in the 7th century. In those years, the Volga Bulgarians did not yet have their own state. Three sahabas arrived in Bulgaria as doctors, but also preached Islam. One of them, when he came to Bolgar, leaned on the staff of the Prophet Muhammad.  

After 10 years, two of them returned to Saudi Arabia, and one remained in Bolgar and was buried here. In the 14th century, the khan built his own necropolis on the site of his grave. In front of the minaret there is a Monument to the Sahabas with the image of a turban, a staff and a feather.