The Bread Museum in the city of Bolgar is located near the White Mosque. Its exposition is interesting for all tourists who want to learn about the life of the Tatar village. The Museum shows all the stages of bread making from the mill to the oven. There is also a miller`s estate here. In the house you can see the interiors of the 19th century house.  

The Bread Museum in Bolgar is a large estate. In the center of the estate is a two-story house, where the main exposition is located. There is a restaurant in the central part of the house, and exhibition halls are located on the sides. You can get acquainted here with the history of growing grain and baking bread in the Volga region. The museum has tools that the peasants used to cultivate the land and harvest.

There is a small pond in front of the main building of the Bread Museum in Bolgar. A watermill has been built on its shore. It is impossible to grind grain on it, but tourists can see what the mechanisms of watermills look like. A windmill is visible on the left. This mill is working, and master classes on how to grind grain are held here for tourists.  

There are several village houses in the estate. An interesting exposition is located in the miller`s house. It recreates the interiors of the house and the life of a rich family of the 19th century. There is a farm behind the house where you can feed cows, goats and other pets.