The Church of Boris and Gleb is in the trading quarter of Novgorod, on the left bank of the Volkhov. The first church dates back to 1377. But the today church was built under Ivan the Terrible in 1537. The monument of Alexander Nevsky is in front of the church on the embankment.

The money for the Church of Boris and Gleb, the saints, which were venerated in Novgorod, were collected by the residents of Zapolskaya and Konyukhovskaya streets. According a chronicle, it was just in this place that the first wooden church of St. Sophia was located in 989. However, the stone church was built on the other bank of the Volkhov.

Architecturally, the Church of Boris and Gleb is typical for Novgorod but at the same time it has five domes, which is more typical for northern churches. In the iconostasis of the church there remained the ancient icons of 15 century. Later, they were moved to the Novgorod Museum.