Catholic church of the Holy Trinity is one of the most interesting sight of Tobolsk. In 1830 the Warsaw Uprising also known as the November Night was suppressed and about 18 thousand Poles and Lithuanians were exiled to Siberia. Some of them were kept at the Tobolsk prison castle and then continued to live in the town.

In 1848 it was decided to build a wooden Roman Catholic church for the Catholics of Tobolsk. It was erected in the Nizhny Posad, just near the side of the Alafeyevskaya Mountain where the Tobolsk Kremlin is located. During his coronation in 1896 Emperor Nicholas II granted amnesty to all exiled Poles. According to the population census of 1897, 482 poles resided in Tobolsk. And that year it was decided to build for them the stone Roman Catholic church of the Holy Trinity. The project of the Neo-Gothic building of red brick was developed by an architect from Warsaw Konstantine Voytsekhovsky.

The church was consecrated by the bishop Yan Tseplyak in 1909. In 1923 the church was closed and its building was occupied by a dining facility and then by a cinema. In 1993 the building was returned to the Roman Catholic church. In 2004 the Germans installed an organ in the church and now the concerts of organ music are held there.