The Yermak`s Garden is located on the Chukman Cape. It is a rocky hill, which begins near the Provincial Museum and juts out towards the Nizhny Posad, the same way as the Alafeyevskaya Gora where the Tobolsk Kremlin is located. But the Yermak`s Garden is separated from the Alafeyevskaya Gora by Nikolsky Vzvoz street (a steep descent).

Yermak is much honoured in Tobolsk. There is no exact information about the origin of Yermak. It is only known that in 1581 he headed a group of 540 Cossacks who set out on a campaign against the Khanate of Sibir. With the help of the Stroganov merchants they quickly enough reached Isker, also known as Qashliq, the capital of the Sibir Khanate (about 17 kilometers up the Irtysh river).

The main battle between the host of Khan Kuchum and the party of Yermak took place on the Chuvash Cape on October 23, 1582. Although the Siberian Tatars had a vast numerical advantage, they were armed only with bows and spears, so the Cossacks, who were armed with rifles and two guns, won the battle, which eventually led to the conquest of Siberia.

The Yermak`s Garden was founded in Tobolsk on August 23, 1839, at the time of the ceremonial opening of the monument to Yermak. The monument was installed on the very edge of the Chukman Cape, just opposite the walls of the Tobolsk Kremlin located on the nearby Alafeyevskaya Gora. Formerly, the garden had a large conservatory where flowers were grown but now it is just a big park.